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Pronounced demographical underrepresentation in certain real estate sectors

Pronounced demographical underrepresentation in certain real estate sectors Read more

B.C. cities with slightly more affordable homes

These markets are nowhere near Vancouver in terms of expense Read more

Ontario's brick-and-mortar cannabis shops to wait until April 2019

Legal sales will be available only via online channels until then Read more

Investors set sights elsewhere amid low cap rates

“The returns in Orlando currently are what Ontarians saw three to 10 years ago.” Read more

Ottawa's rental segment is shifting to a higher gear

Activity and demand in the city's rental market might be approaching record-breaking levels Read more

Rental, retail spaces to see influx of demand with legalization

Canadian pot companies will flock to Ontario, in particular Read more

Bedroom community a sure bet for respectable ROIs

According to Sotheby's International Realty Canada, market fundamentals in this small city make extracting respectable ROIs a sure bet Read more

Economic pressures dampening demand for Calgary housing

The city’s would-be home buyers continue to struggle with unemployment, interest rates Read more

Condos are Montreal's breadwinner segment

The market’s housing sales volume saw gains for the 41st straight month Read more

Buyers of new condos get twice the space in Waterloo as in Toronto

Cities west of GTA gain 'notable traction' in sales in first six months Read more

Vancouver’s homes may be costly to buy, but they’re cheap to own

The city’s 0.25 per cent property tax rate is low not only for Canada, but also when stacked up against what homeowners pay in the U.S. Read more

‘The whip cream on top of the sundae’: Homebuyers writing heartfelt letters to sway sellers in hot housing markets

Some realtors say letters have become a 'must' because sellers often seriously consider sentiments relayed in a note when choosing what offer to accep Read more

CMHC wants to make it easier for self-employed Canadians to get a mortgage

CMHC is giving lenders more guidance and flexibility on determining whether a self-employed person qualifies for a mortgage Read more

Location, location, location: Why our national housing market is a myth

Haider-Moranis Bulletin: For Canadian homebuyers, the only numbers that matter are local Read more

Don’t fall for the old ‘It’s standard’ line from a real estate agent. There’s nothing standard about their forms

Even when caught up in bidding wars, don't rush it. You may end up signing documents that let the vendors off the hook for myriad issues Read more

It’s not just condos — Toronto is also running out of commercial real estate

Toronto is currently the most constrained industrial market in North America Read more

It’s not just sky-high home prices that make Vancouver so unaffordable — it’s paltry wages, too

The average household in Vancouver earns the equivalent of US$61,036 a year — less than families in Nebraska, Missouri and rural Pennsylvania Read more

Toronto condo rents skyrocket as supply reaches ‘critically low level’

New condominium project registrations or units recently completed plummeted by 28 per cent Read more

‘Market has bottomed out’: Housing prices in Toronto region set to climb again after brief slump

Prospective buyers who had once maintained a 'wait and see' approach may now begin entering the housing market Read more