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Broker analyzes the latest controversial assessment of the real estate market

One major market is in serious trouble, one recent report claims. That’s just not the case, according to one industry veteran who works in that mark Read more

RECO advisory warns against real estate agent engaged in grave fraud

Public warned against transacting with broker Christopher Parik Read more

Metro Vancouver home can be purchased for a little over 2,000 bitcoins

Involved real estate agent baffled at the Craigslist ad, and is asking for it to be taken down Read more

CREW poll: Pot growing in rentals

With a proposed marijuana legalization bill in the offing, should the government tweak the bill to ban people from growing in rented homes? Read more

Mortgage Investment: A Complementary Approach to Real Estate Investing

Strategy can yield substantial and stable returns, according to Canadian Mortgages Inc. Read more

Seniors’ home ownership at risk due to mounting debt - report

Several factors are making it more difficult for older Canadians to maintain ownership of their residences Read more

The big stories from CREA’s latest stats

Torontonians react to the province’s housing measures and other trends from the latest round of real estate stats Read more

GMREB cautions against hasty imposition of foreign buyers’ tax

The provincial real estate market is not yet at a point where dramatic government intervention is necessary, Montreal real estate board warns Read more

CMHC: Vancouver overheating spilling over to surrounding cities

Recent outsized price growth in other B.C. housing markets attributable to Vancouver’s strength Read more

New detached homes now selling for $1.8 million as Toronto market shows no signs of cooling

Builders say they are still not able to keep up with demand, despite provincial measures to cool the real estate sector Read more

70 per cent of people living in Ontario have homes that are too big or too small for their household

There are five million unused or spare bedrooms in Ontario Read more

More than half of Canadians say they aren’t financially prepared if interest rates jump, expenses rise: survey

The survey also found 70% of mortgage holders are not able to handle a 10% increase in payments, and the problem seems to extend across all generation Read more

Dream of that single-family home in the suburbs fading fast as highrises move in

Living in the burbs ain’t what it used be as the search for affordability pushes people farther away from major cities and farther into the sky Read more

‘Legendary fear of missing out’: Millennials aren’t writing off the home ownership dream just yet

Record real estate prices just may be making young Canadians more cautious — and even more creative — when it comes to buying in Read more

Toronto housing sales slip 6.7%, listings spike as new rules cool the market

In nearly two-thirds of all local markets across Canada, sales fell, led by the decline in the Greater Toronto Area Read more

Most sweeping rent controls in 25 years could end up making Toronto housing more expensive if building halts

Ontario’s decision to tighten rent controls puts $6.5 billion in potential rental investment at risk, say developers Read more

Canada’s home prices rise for 15th month straight on hefty gains in Toronto, Hamilton

In the Toronto market, which some economists have called a bubble, prices climbed 2.6%, while nearby Hamilton was up 2.1%, records for both Read more

‘Classic contrarian opportunity’: Investors snap up Home Capital shares amid turmoil

Kingsferry will be among the investors watching closely as Home Capital reports its first-quarter earnings on Thursday after market close Read more

The ‘spillover effect’ is driving up house prices across the Vancouver region and even into the interior of B.C.

The impact of Vancouver's booming housing market can be felt as far away as Kelowna, says Canada Mortgage and Housing Corp Read more