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Real estate agents would be well advised to learn Spanish

The number of Hispanic homeowner households swelled to 7.3 million in 2016 from 4.2 million in 2000, rising by 209,000 last year alone. Yet Hispanics Read more

Crazy Sh*t In Real Estate Episode 18: Ghostbusters

Ever since dealing with some ghost-hunting clients and selling a haunted house, Colin Cameron has been singing the Ghostbusters theme song big time .. Read more

NAR February pending home sales rebound 5.5% over January

Up, down, left and right -- pending home sales made big leaps in February across all major U.S. regions. The National Association of Realtors Pending Read more

Time is money — why not own yours?

"Time is money" -- Benjamin Franklin made this phrase popular long, long ago. The intention wasn't to create a buzz-worthy catch phrase but to highlig Read more

Copy Adwerx’s ‘Quick Adder’ on your emails to retarget real estate leads

Using retargeting technology and an uploaded database, an agent's network of contacts will see the agent's messages on an array of popular websites, s Read more

It’s 1 a.m. — are you up? I’d like more information about your real estate listing

Real estate leads can come at anytime, and in today’s super-connected world it might be via email, an online internet inquiry, text message, Faceboo Read more

The rise of the next-generation 100% commission brokerage

Those hoping that the next generation of 100-percent commission brokerages would just die a death may want to see a therapist about their denial. Thes Read more

Why explaining the appraisal process to clients early is crucial

After a seller and buyer reach a "meeting of the minds," meaning that they have agreed to a price, terms and conditions so that a sale can move forwar Read more

How to move your entire real estate business into the cloud

If you’ve followed along through entries one, two, three and four, you've pretty well stopped generating paper. Your calendars, notes, lists and tra Read more

5 family-friendly client events perfect for summer

Ah, summer: time to go on vacation, get some sun, visit the beach or pool -- and build your real estate business. Particularly for families with kids, Read more