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What do Realtors really want from their MLS?

As most of you know, there were some changes made at NAR about the whole MLS of choice deal. Because I don’t think that’s a huge thing, although e Read more

Real estate daily market update: November 17, 2017

All the latest real estate market news ... Read more

Zipi makes financial management easy for brokerages

Zipi is a browser-based reporting and financial management solution that helps streamline financial oversight for real estate brokerages of all sizes Read more

Rookie agent called to real estate to help others with limited mobility

It’s been over 20 years since Coldwell Banker agent Sabrina Cohen was in the car accident that left her a wheelchair user as the result of a spinal Read more

Will the real estate industry go back to the Dark Ages after 2018?

Mark your calendars: one year from tomorrow, the way shoppers currently search for homes online, and the way brokerages like Redfin can present home l Read more

4 telltale signs that Paris’s wealth is returning

There seems to be a re-emergence of the French affluent. I know that sounds a bit strange because Paris is known worldwide as the epicenter of luxury, Read more

Mesh digital and traditional methods for pure marketing gold

Although the industry may be veering more and more toward all things digital, there’s still something to be said for the power of tried-and-true tra Read more

Crazy Sh*t In Real Estate: Tax reform is on its way

Tax reform is on its way -- fast. Jamie Gregory explains what's going on in Washington and how it negatively affects homeowners by taking away tax inc Read more

How to create a complete business plan in 60 minutes

Every real estate professional NEEDS a business plan so they have a systematic and predictable way of achieving their goals. A solid plan also minimiz Read more

How to increase your company’s valuation in 5 easy steps

For many, a company’s valuation is the most important number in business, and calculating that number can be very personal. The business you’ve w Read more